Life Line Screening

About Life Line Screening

Our Mission

We are the leading provider of annual screenings for risks of Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, and other chronic diseases. Designed by doctors and administered by trained professionals, our screenings can help detect hidden health issues before they become a serious problem. Since 1993, we have screened over 10 million people and provided peace of mind or early detection of health risks.

Our Impact

In 2022, we screened 600,000 customers at over 14,000 locations across the nation and identified about 45,000 abnormal results, including 9,000 critical results. We empower people to understand their risks, take action and make a plan with their doctors. Your health matters to us!

Our Commitment to Quality & Accuracy

Life Line Screening is dedicated to providing health information by people you can trust, and with a highly trained staff in environments that are safe and comfortable.

For more information, or to sign up for Life Line Screening at the Clear Lake Church, May 28th. Please contact Pastor Bev Strong, Parish Nurse, at